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Wear comfortable clothing to your therapy appointment

What should I expect on my first therapy visit?

On your first visit your PT will perform a thorough evaluation.  This will consist of taking a detailed History followed by a complete assessment of posture, ROM/flexibility, strength, joint mobility along with functional mobility.  Once this is completed findings will be discussed in great detail along with specific goals the patient wants to achieve.  From here a detailed rehab program will be prescribed along with a variety of treatment techniques that the PT feels would aide in achievement of these goals.  These may consist of soft tissue work, manual joint mobilizations, stretching, strengthening, trigger point  dry needling and modalities.  The patient should at the finish of their care be competent and independent in a finalized home exercise program.

How long does each therapy visit last?

This may vary and is based on a case by case basis. In general, the patient should plan on 45- 60 minutes for their appointments.

What should I wear to therapy?

Patient’s should wear comfortable clothes and shoes to their PT appointment. PT’s will need to expose the area for examination and treatment. We do offer gowns, tank tops, and shorts. We also have a changing room and also private treatment rooms as well.

Physical Therapy Pro Shop

Wellness programs such as ACL tear prevention, ski conditioning, therapeutic functional activity, seasonal sports conditioning are available for team/group/individuals.  Durable Medical Equipment (DME) such as ice packs, therabands, swill balls, foam rollers as well as Orthopedic Sports Medicine Kits are available for purchase.

Pre Hab Appointment

In preparation for a surgery that requires any Durable Medical Equipment (DME), you will be scheduled for a  Pre Hab appointment with a Physical Therapist in our office. If you are scheduled for a surgery, your physician will likely want you to attend a pre-hab session. This session, scheduled with one of  our physical therapist prior to your surgery, is designed to help you prepare for post-operative care. Our therapists work very closely with your surgeon who knows the intimate details of their protocol. This will ensure a smooth transition following surgery and achieve the best possible outcome following your procedure. The education and instruction with this pre-hab visit is essential to achieve the best possible outcome. View or Print Pre-Hab Flyer Please note that you will be responsible for bringing your DME to surgery.

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