Tennis Elbow Remedy Tennis elbow affects 1% to 3% of the population today, and for tennis players specifically, is prevalent in 10% to 50% of players over the course of their careers. Used to describe a fatigued pain in the elbow as a result of forearm muscular overuse, the condition can be frustrating, debilitating, and incredibly painful if not treated properly.

What is Tennis Elbow?

Tennis elbow is a common term used to describe the overuse of the forearm muscles (wrist extenders) that create acute pain in the elbow. Everyday individuals can suffer from the condition; however, it is much more common in those that do play tennis and grip the racquet too tightly. Attributed to inflammation of the tendons that attach the extensor carpi radialis brevis to the outer part of the elbow, tennis elbow is also a common side effect of repetitive wrist movements – much like carpal tunnel.

If you think you’re living with tennis elbow today, here are 4 signs that you are correct:

  1.     Elbow Tenderness: Tennis elbow can be literally felt by pushing down on the skin and tissue around the elbow. If your elbow feels sore and tender for no good reason, it’s a sign that you’re a tennis elbow victim.
  2.     Stiffness: If you need to “wake up” your elbow in the morning, something is off. If morning elbow stretches are required for you to make breakfast and drive your car safety, it’s probably time to seek out physical therapy support.
  3.     Sore Forearms: Forearm muscles are normally fine unless we take part in a repetitive exercise that irritates them – like gripping a tennis racquet. If you have sore forearm muscles that are hard to ignore, on a daily or weekly basis, then it’s time to consider the tennis elbow diagnosis.
  4.     Grasping Pain: If you go to pick up a jar or a cup and feel pain shoot through your elbow, it’s a sign that your elbow is flaring up.

Orthopedic Associates of Denver

Here at Orthopedic Associates of Denver, we work one-on-one with tennis athletes, recreational tennis players, and everyday people that may be living with tennis elbow today. Anyone with the condition knows it’s no joke, impacting their ability to live a happy and normal life without sharp pain from everyday activities. As sports injury therapists and physical therapy experts, we develop a customized plan to help you work through your tennis elbow, ensuring you’re able to hit the courts without acute pain.

Your reality doesn’t have to be one marked by tennis elbow this summer.