Shoulder Pain RemediesAs one of the most commonly injured body parts when it comes to sports and gym-related activities, shoulders are targets for dull and intense pain episodes for just about every type of person. If you’re someone experiencing shoulder pain, know that you’re not alone – shoulder pain can be a result of everything from poor posture to repetitive overuse or a traumatic injury.

Your shoulders serve a critical role in the overall health and stability of your body. Here are 3 ways to remedy your shoulder pain this week:

  1.     Neck Massages: Your neck and your shoulders are obviously closely related, which is why you should look to your neck if you’re experiencing painful shoulder episodes. If you’ve pulled your neck, or are experiencing something worse, neck massages are a good way to stretch out the tendons and muscles. Buying newer, firmer pillows and mattresses can also help with the neck/shoulder pain.
  2.     Proper Posture: Slouching is one of the easiest ways to get your shoulders unhappy with you. When we sit or stand with poor posture, our bodies can place an unnatural amount of weight on our shoulders as a means for carrying the body, distributing pressure away from the back and towards the front of your structure. While at work, at the gym, or at home, be mindful of your posture. Also try sit and stand up tall, pulling your shoulder blades back away from your ears.
  3.     Stress Relief: Sometimes, just plain stress can contribute to physical problems. If you’re stressed at work, sleep deprived, or moving at a pace you can’t keep up with mentally, consider slowing down and getting to the root of the problem. Give your shoulders a break at the gym, invest in better sleep, and try and make some “me-time” every day like going for a jog or a hike.

Orthopedic Associates of Denver

As integral components to your overall comfort and structure, shoulders and related pain needs to be taken seriously today. After following through with these three pain remedy tips, if you still feel discomfort, consider making an appointment with our practice to ensure this pain doesn’t become permanent. We work with you through physical therapy and activity modification to get your overall health and comfort back to its former levels.

Starting with an assessment, we look at the cause of your shoulder pain. From there, we make a plan to remedy the pain altogether, helping you to feel brand new. Consider support for your debilitating shoulder pain today.

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