Joint replacement surgeries are becoming a fairly common orthopedic procedure to help patients regain their ability to maintain complete mobility. While many factors come into play when determining if a knee replacement or a hip replacement surgery is actually necessary to fix the problems that someone is experiencing, orthopedics do seem very confident in the potential of these types of joint surgeries to change lives.

In fact, knee and hip replacement surgeries are currently the third and fourth most common surgeries that patients undergo. While this may be alarming to some, it actually does have strong merit. Everyone from the elderly, athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and even the average active person all experience joint discomfort at some point or another. When the cartilage in our joints break down, we experience a great deal of pain when we use these joints to perform daily movements because without the cartilage that was once there to allow our joints to bend and rotate freely, our bones can rub and scrape against each other – ultimately causing a great deal of pain.

How Can A Knee Or Hip Replacement Help Me?

If you’re experiencing severe pain in your hips or knees when you walk, bend, or twist and turn, you should visit your, local orthopedic doctor to have a routine assessment. Your orthopedic doctor will help to determine exactly what is causing your discomfort. If it appears that the cartilage in your joins is wearing down prematurely, they very well might recommend a joint replacement surgery as a viable solution.

However, depending on the severity of your symptoms, your orthopedic may decide that it would be more prudent to simply treat your arthritis with anti-inflammatory medications and physical therapy. Regardless of the recommendation, the good news is that there are solutions that can help you feel like yourself again.

How Successful Are Joint Replacement Surgeries?

While joint replacement surgeries are often very successful, like anything, they come with their own limitations. Essentially, a knee replacement or hip replacement surgery uses synthetic materials like metal and plastic to effectively reconstruct that particular joint. While they are almost always successful in doing so, it is a bit inevitable that some discomfort may linger, and your full range of motion might never come back. However, every case is different, and depending on the severity, there may be different outcomes. Regardless, these surgeries have become routine for orthopedics around the United States.

Orthopedic Associates

OA is highly qualified and highly experienced to determine whether or not knee or hip replacement surgery would be a viable option for you. Our skilled team of physicians and orthopedic surgeons have developed a deep understanding and an extensive expertise in the field and are prepared to offer you the best solution possible to treat your symptoms.

When it comes to knee and hip replacement surgeries, OA recommends that patients wait until their later stages of life, that way they can maximize the surgery and fully take advantage of the prosthetic’s lifespan, without having to have a new one surgically installed every 10 to 15 years.

Here at OA, we always do what’s right for our patients to get them back to living life fully. Contact us today to inquire more about our knee and hip replacement surgeries.

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