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Tretinoin 0.025/0.05 cream is a medication designed to treat acne and other underlying skin conditions on an individual. It is a derivative of vitamin A and is best known to boost the production of collagen. It cannot be sold without a prescription. This medication treats wrinkles, scars, dark spots, rough skin on the face and acts as a moisturizer. It assists to give the skin a good appearance by lightening it up. The sun can cause harmful effects on the skin and as such, treated skin should be away from the sun. It comes in form of gel, cream, or lotion with an active ingredient that is able to smoothen wrinkles, brighten skin and increase overall skin cells. Tretinoin is a stronger retinoid than retinol. It will therefore show outcomes more rapidly.

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There are various points you can buy these prescriptions, but the best Retina-A cream at an online pharmacy. Their services are fast and prompt and the customer service is on point. It is cheap and easy to make a purchase order for your skincare. One can shop easily as long as they have an internet connection.

Generic Retin a Price

You can buy Retin-A at the cheapest price at an online pharmacy. The price for three tubes 20g 0.05 costs $16.84 per tube. And that of 20 tubes 20 g cost $11.87 per tube. For Retina 0.025 the price for 3 tubes of 20g is $15.67 per tube and that for 20 tubes of 20g is $11.05 per tube. This sale point is among the most affordable.


The first step to take is cleaning hands before applying Retin A on the affected part. Clean the affected area and dry it. Apply a small amount of the prescription on the affected area using fingertips. This procedure only happens once a day. You can use earbuds to smear the prescription on the affected part at night or as prescribed by the clinician. This prescription is only suitable for the visible areas of the skin and not the inner invisible areas. This is because it poses potential risks to the end-user. In the application process keep the cream away from the eyes but in the event, it happens, cleans it with water to flush it off. If you experience continued periods of irritation, contact the physician. Make sure you thoroughly clean your palms to bar the excess substance from getting into the eye.

Side Effects

Patients may experience periods of different reactions as a result of the usage of this prescription. Not all people experience this. Below are some of the side effects that may be evident.

  • Frequent itching and irritation

  • Drying

  • Scaling

  • Short-lived stinging in patients shortly after application.

  • Reddening of the skin 

Medics allow patients to halt using the product in case they notice that their patients are undergoing persistent irritation, inflammation, extreme redness, blistering, eyelid bulge, pinkeye, and momentary skin variations. Let the medic know if you are experiencing adverse effects. He may suggest various variations that may see you not suffering from the side effects again. If these other methods do not work fully, he may suggest you discontinue. Allergic reactions may occur. Signs and symptoms that are serious and individuals need to look out for are rash, itching, severe dizziness, and breathing challenges.


  • It comprises constituents that can root active allergic reactions hence for persons susceptible to allergies, it is essential to slow on Tretinoin as it may escalate things faster.

  • Provide the clinician with your medical history if you have suffered from conditions like eczema.

  • Also, you need to be vigilant about climate conditions. With this treatment, you become very vulnerable to sunlight and in windy situations, you may experience skin irritation.

  • Usage of products containing Sulphur, resorcinol, and salicylic acid is Proscribed.

  • Lactating mothers should not breastfeed their children as studies to back this up have not yet been completely established.

  • Tretinoin is not suitable for expectant mothers.

Drug Interactions

There are a lot of components that may actively inhibit how Tretinoin works and may result in adverse effects in the end. Some of these interactions include hair perming liquids, abrasives, products having Sulphur, resorcinol, drying effects cosmetics, use of alcohol and tobacco, alpha-hydroxy products, and glycolic acids. Enlighten your physicians if you are under benzoyl peroxide as it is well known to irritate and not effective enough.


In case an individual uses a huge amount of the product away from the doctor’s prescription, call 911 to get help.


As the medic on how you can store the drug. Children should not be allowed to access this drug as it is considered dangerous to them. Storage should be at room temperature away from light and humidity.

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