Push Gaming explains the work of the Jammin Jars pokie machine

Push Gaming comments on the amazing case with Jammin Jars The other day we discussed the case when two streamers had a bonus game according to exactly the same scenario. Everything matched 100%, character for character.no max cashout no deposit bonus At that time, there were no official comments from the developer of Push Gamings. At the Casinomeister forum on Thursday, a representative from Push Gamings explained the situation. Jammin 'Jars Play for Real Money Play for Free Jammin' Jars pokie machine from PushGaming has a 96.8% return rate, high variance, 8 spinning reels and Cluster Pays paylines %s... There is no bonus game, there are free spins, there is a Wild symbol, there is no Scatter symbol, and there is a multiplier. You can play the Jammin 'Jars pokie machine in automatic mode, there is no"Fast spin" mode. Play for Real Money Slot Review Jammin 'Jars by PushGaming has a 96.8% return rate, high variance, 8 spinning reels and Cluster Pays paylines. There is no bonus game, there are free spins, there is a Wild symbol, there is no Scatter symbol, and there is a multiplier. You can play the Jammin 'Jars pokie machine in automatic mode, there is no"Fast spin" mode. What did the representative of Push Gamings say? He said it was all an accident. That is, there was no mistake or no setup %s... The odds of this happening is 1 in 1.3 million. This is a microscopic possibility, but it is there. The developer's representative in his answer described how the game was developed. The pokie randomly selects a result from a large number of options, that is, it determines a win or a loss. Instead of the traditional spinning reels, Jammin Jars has cascading symbols, a feature of random giant fruits and wild symbols with multipliers. Therefore, the winning sequences are very long, which makes the game incredibly difficult mathematically. He noted that it is very difficult for such a game to create a well-balanced model using the methods of a conventional pokie machine, while still being fun for the


... Therefore, their pokies with traditional reels use a different method. It was also mentioned that the pokie machine is certified by an independent party, eCOGRA and its RTP is 96.83%. The spokesperson said that they understand the suspicions this case raised, but recalled that they do not and cannot provide anyone with specific winning sequences to play at will. It also became known from him that the maximum win for Jammin Jars is 20,000x. The spokesman said that they themselves were very surprised that such an unlikely event happened. Conclusion In general, from the various comments of the representative and participants on the forum, one can draw the following conclusion. The Jammin Jars pokie machine has predefined


... The RNG of the pokie chooses whether there will be a win and what size it will be. And then the pokie chooses, thanks to which combination of winnings this will be achieved. For example, if there are 3 ways to get a multiplication of 1,000x, any is chosen, since it doesn't matter anymore. Then the path to this win is played on the screen. You can consider the method using another example. Suppose the driver is told to drive to a specific address. He has 3 options for how to get there, and he can choose any main thing that he will get to the designated point. Let's say he chose travel plan number 1 %s... Then he goes straight, then turns right, left, etc. This will be a sequence that will repeat itself if he is told to go to the same address again and he chooses the same path. On this topic, Red Tiger Gaming have released their first MegaWays pokie. This is similar to what is happening in the Jammin Jars pokie machine. Apparently, speaking about the impossibility of using the math of a regular pokie on Jammin Jars, the developer's representative had the following in mind. They cannot foresee all possible scenarios for the development of events, if they do not make ready-made patterns of winnings, but consider everything separately. For example, the first row, the first column dropped an orange, followed by an apple, etc. %s... When mega fruits are added there, which have special abilities, and because of them there are many more events, everything becomes too complicated. It would really be very difficult, I can't even imagine the amount of work. Much easier to do the way Push Gaming did. All the same, in my opinion, this does not change anything for the punters. After all, the result of the game is still random, and is determined by the RNG. The reaction of the punters to what happened Many punters did not believe and even after the comments of the representative of Push Gaming do not believe that it was an accident. They say it's all rigged. And there are special scenarios for bonus rounds that you can optionally run %s... Therefore, casino streamers win 1,600x payouts to the public (both streamers under discussion showed such winnings). They say that this is done in order to advertise the pokie machine. Some punters admit that there is such a possibility, but do not want to believe that this microscopic chance played out. The defenders were also at the forum.no max cashout bonus They talked about the fact that normal streamers earn enough on affiliate programs and can spend a lot of money on the game and still benefit from the affiliate program. It was mentioned that the streamer of the Nickpokies casino said that he pays 50% tax, and this rate is only for those who make big money. The fact that they spend hours playing pokies makes it more likely that they will get big wins. As a counterargument, one of the punters wrote that he spun the reels millions of times in free and paid modes %s... And only once did he win over 1,500x the bet. And here two streamers with an interval of a week on the same pokie break the same multiplication, and even the bonus round follows the same scenario. Source: https://www.casinomeister.com/forums/threads/jammin-jars.85225/page-11#post-947069