TFC: Montanier, Spierings, they confide in us about their future at Toulouse

Promoted to Ligue 1, and likely future champion of Ligue 2, TFC should bet on stability for its accession to Ligue 1 and keep Philippe Montanier at its head.

TFC has dominated Ligue 2 for two seasons now. If a lot of mistakes prevented them from reaching the elite last year after a playoff defeat against FC Nantes, maturity has done well this season. After 26 games the Violets have only 4 defeats, 10 draws and 22 wins, a record of goals and personal records for the players, reported

Montanier, Spierings

Carried by many very good elements like Rhys Healey, Branco Van den Boomen or Stjin Spierings, the club of the Pink City should bet on the continuity for the next season. In particular, Philippe Montanier will be in charge of TFC for the 2022/2023 season.

Montanier confirmed, what future for Spierings, Van der Boomen, Healey?

Before playing Nimes Olympique, Philippe Montanier confirmed his presence on the bench next season as committed by his contract.

"I had signed a two-year contract remember. I am here and happy to be here next season. It's my will."

Clear as a bell statement. After the coach, we'll have to see about the players of TFC. Indeed, a good number of them are coming to the end of their contract in June 2023, and this is not reflected as with a coach. If the players do not want to extend their contract, they can leave for free at the end of next season.

This is the case of Stijn Spierings, who revealed the interest of several clubs after his good season. He wanted to qualify his words, recalling that a contract bound him to Toulouse Football Club and that he did not intend to get rid of it.

"I still have one season left on my lease, so normally I will still be with Toulouse next season, even if the last word always goes to the president. Really, to change the deal, it would have to be something huge. Then you know, when I signed for TFC it was to play in Ligue 1, so I won't leave for the lower tier."

Montanier, Spierings

No departure to Ligue 2, only a big offer from abroad could change the mind of the management and/or the player ... to see then! Note that the puzzle must be the same for Branco Van den Boomen, Bafodé Diakité, Issiaga Sylla, Brecht Dejaegere or Rhys Healey ... a lot of important players for TFC.

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