The new generation of Sony PlayStation 5 has been on the market for more than a year and managed to form a solid number of exclusive projects. The start of the console, according to many, did not set, since there were not many interesting projects of the new generation at the exit, but now the situation has fundamentally changed. So, below will be told about the three cool video games that can be launched on the new Japanese prefix.
1. Demon’s Souls
The patch and fully full-fledged PS5 exclusive, which is a remake of the 2009 classic A-RPG. The original is known for the fact that it was with it that the development of the Souls-Like genre began. The developers did not change the nucleus of the game, but only conducted cosmetic improvements. This is all the same gloomy role -playing role in the style of medieval fantasy. Players have to explore a beautiful, but dangerous world, fight with crowds of opponents and, of course, die a lot. Indeed, the project is famous for its complexity, so a skirmish can even spoil many nerves with an ordinary boss. The game now flaunts a breakthrough graphics, and also uses all the chips of the new Sony controller.
2. Returnal
Sony atypical project, which performs in the Action genre from a third person with constant revival cycles, with accumulated experience. At its core, this is a typical, but expensive “horned”, where we play for a woman-cosmonaut who fell on a dangerous planet. Now she has to reveal all the dark secrets of this place and save herself. The problem is that the heroine fell into a real temporary loop and after death is forced to start her victorious campaign. Players are waiting for fierce dynamic battles, a lot of weapons, as well as crowds of enemies that will not let them get bored for a second. The game is very atmospheric and will appeal to all those who appreciate the game for a concentrated crystallized gameplay, where there is nothing superfluous.
3. Ratchet and Clank: A Rift Apart
The new part in the framework of the famous series of platformers, telling about the cosmic adventures of an animal named Ratchet and his friend-robot clan. According to many players, this is exactly the very project that shows the entire power of the PS5. All modern graphic chips are implemented here, which you might think: RTX ra rays, 4K resolution, high frame rate and instant loads, and transitions between worlds. The gameplay is traditional for the series and the genre as a whole: we jump a lot, shoot, dodge from enemy attacks, select new weapons and various bonuses. Meanwhile, Booi Casino is gaining in popularity among players from all over the world. You can check out the full review on our website right now.