4 Signs You’re Suffering from Tennis Elbow & How We Can Help
Tennis Elbow Remedy

Tennis elbow affects 1% to 3% of the population today, and for tennis players specifically, is prevalent in 10% to 50% of players over the course of their careers. Used to describe a fatigued pain in the elbow as a result of forearm muscular overuse, the condition can be frustrating, debilitating, and incredibly painful if…

Is Shoulder Pain Slowing You Down? 3 Ways to Remediate the Pain This Week
Shoulder Pain Remedies

As one of the most commonly injured body parts when it comes to sports and gym-related activities, shoulders are targets for dull and intense pain episodes for just about every type of person. If you’re someone experiencing shoulder pain, know that you’re not alone – shoulder pain can be a result of everything from poor…

My Reverse Shoulder Replacement – Patient Story
My Reverse Shoulder Replacement

This blog was originally created and appeared at “This is 80 – Stories, Tips, and Advice from a Well-Lived Life” My Reverse Shoulder Replacement To explain why I chose to undergo such an extreme procedure, you need to know the woeful tale of BOTH my shoulders… In 2015, I began having pain in my RIGHT shoulder…

My Aching Shoulder!

By Leslie B. Vidal, M.D.,    Orthopedic Associates Shoulder pain is an extremely common complaint.  It can result from a specific injury or can develop insidiously over time.  It is often aggravated by daily activities, and may ache at night preventing a good night’s sleep.  Many causes of shoulder pain can be alleviated with activity modification,…

Knee Arthritis Injection

Knee Arthritis Injections by Brian Larkin M.D.  Nowadays, you cannot turn on the TV, open the newspaper, or surf the web without being bombarded with all sorts of options for injections in painful, arthritic knees. Many options promise quick pain relief and improved function. Below is a brief summary of the options that exist. Steroid…

Total Joint Athroplasty Surgeon Joins Orthopedic Associates!

Orthopedic Associates is pleased to welcome an additional surgeon to their practice. Ryan Caufield, MD, is a board certified orthopedic surgeon and is fellowship trained in adult reconstruction of the knee and hip. Dr. Caufield will begin seeing patients at Orthopedic Associates in November of 2016. The practice welcomes Dr. Caufield as his specialties complement and…

Is my wrist fractured? How to tell and what to do…

What is a Wrist Fracture? by Imran K. Choudhry MD A fracture (or break) of the wrist involves at least one of the 10 bones in the area of the wrist. Most commonly it occurs from a fall on an outstretched hand. The most common wrist fracture is of the distal radius bone and frequently…

Do you know the Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel?

Denver’s Dr. Imran K. Choudhry M.D. explains how to recognize and how to treat this condition. What is carpal tunnel syndrome? -Carpal tunnel syndrome is the result of compression of the median nerve at the wrist. -The median nerve provides sensation to the thumb, index, middle, and half of the ring fingers. It also gives…

Standing Up to Low Back Pain
Standing Up to Low Back Pain

Hip Replacement Recalled Hip Replacements: Navigating Treatment Options and Optimizing Patient Care –– Orthopedic Associates Modern total hip arthroplasty (THA) had its origins under the leadership of Sir John Charnley, working in England in the mid 1960s. From his initial ideas came reproducible, durable results for end stage arthritis of the hip. Fast forward 50…

Are you SKI fit?

It’s that time of year again! You have the latest equipment and are looking great, but will you be feeling great too? Don’t ignore your most important piece of equipment…your body! Appropriate levels of conditioning are essential to injury prevention. Orthopedic Associates is now offering dynamic preseason winter sport classes focused on sport specific conditioning and…